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Better value for your council

Bulky Bob’s has created savings for all councils with whom it has contracts.

  • We achieve efficiencies because we specialise in bulky waste
  • We can divert up to 65% from landfill, saving tens of thousands of pounds in fees
  • We create revenue from the material we recycle and reuse
  • The material we divert reduces councils’ Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme exposure

Costs relating to landfill continue to spiral upwards – with both gate fees and landfill tax rising dramatically and set to continue to rise in the future. Every tonne that can be diverted from landfill represents a saving for your council in landfill costs and also reduces the risk of fines and penalties that many councils will face due to failing to meet landfill allowance targets.

Bulky Bob’s has a tried and tested methodology that diverts up to 65% of bulky waste from landfill and saves tens of thousands of pounds. We are committed to continually improving our performance to increase diversion of waste from landfill and reduce costs.

Additionally, Bulky Bob’s expertise and passion for the work we do means we achieve efficiencies that others cannot match. These efficiencies reduce our operating costs and ultimately your costs.

  • "Liverpool City Council recently tendered the bulky household waste contract. Bulky Bob’s
    was awarded the contract because of their extremely competitive price, understanding of, and commitment to, best value and their unparalleled passion and experience."

    Keith Cadman – Partnerships & Contracts Manager, Liverpool City Council