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Better for the environment

Bulky Bobís reuse and recycling activities are reducing carbon emissions

  • Bulky Bobís is working hard to reduce the carbon footprint from its vehicles and buildings
  • Routes are planned for carbon emission reduction and sustainable biodiesel is used to reduce emissions
  • At Bulky Bobís largest site, we are investing in renewable energy Ė 24% of electricity is generated by solar panels
  • We are working towards achieving ISO14001 accreditation for our environmental management system

Bulky Bobís is not only a market leader in what we do but also how we do it. From the creation of Bulky Bobís we have been aware of our Ďcarbon footprintí and have taken great efforts to ensure we are responsibly managing our environmental impact.

An additional benefit for the environment is that every item of furniture that we reuse not only helps a low income family but also has a massive positive impact upon the carbon footprint. Reusing a tonne of wood is 109 times more carbon efficient than recycling it (which is in itself more carbon efficient than landfill).

The greatest impact that Bulky Bobís has on the environment comes from emissions from the trucks we need to operate the service. Unsurprisingly, Bulky Bobís was one of the first companies to use sustainable biodiesel and we are monitoring the viability of electric trucks. We utilise route planning to remove unnecessary travel and consolidate materials using a compactor which reduces the number of journeys made to transport residual waste.

  • "Bulky Bob’s is an award winning example of what can be achieved by designing waste services with sustainable development and a joined-up approach to public services – it delivers innovative environmental and social impacts as well as a first class service."

    Peter Madden - Chief Executive of Forum for
    the Future