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Better for your recycling performance

Bulky Bobís reuses and recycles up to 65% of the bulky waste stream

  • Bulky Bobís can typically add 1% to 1.5% to a local authorityís overall recycling performance
  • Bulky Bobís prioritises reuse: reusing wooden furniture saves 109 times more carbon emissions than recycling it
  • The Bulky Bobís service is a very visible sign of a local authorityís commitment to reuse and recycling across all waste streams

A local authorityís recycling performance is increasingly becoming shorthand for its effectiveness as a 21st Century council. Residents overwhelmingly want Ė and expect Ė their waste to be treated responsibly, landfill levels to reduce and reuse and recycling levels to improve.

Bulky Bobís can make a huge difference within the bulky waste stream Ė diverting up to 65% from landfill. Equally, this performance can make a significant difference to a local authorityís overall recycling performance Ė often increasing this by some 1% to 1.5%.

Whatís more Bulky Bobís continue to invest time and resources to reuse and recycling so thatís a figure that will only go up over time.

Bulky Bobís prioritises reuse. Some items are not suitable for reuse when they are collected but can be brought up to standard through repairing and refurbishing. Bulky Bobís has established a refurbishment workshop for upholstered items in Liverpool Prison, where pieces of furniture which are below the necessary standard are transformed into great quality reusable items.

  • "Bulky Bob’s have consistently raised the bar in terms of recycling performance, achieving higher levels each year. They continue to find new ways to work with the waste stream to maximise their performance. The passion and energy of everyone at Bulky Bob’s is impressive and most importantly delivers results."

    Andrew McCartan – Environmental Services Manager, Liverpool City Council